Flexible and family
friendly working:

The competitive advantage for organisations in Asia-Pacific

Workers in

Although not as widely embedded in organisational cultures, the appetite for flexible working is growing fast across Asia-Pacific. While the region is culturally diverse, employers are acknowledging the business benefits of implementing flexible working practices.

Concerns about employee productivity remain the main obstacle, yet organisations in the region realise that to compete in uncertain economic times they need to first attract top talent and then create an environment that will boost job satisfaction.

What our survey findings also revealed is that professionals in the region, even more so than in the UK, have a strong desire to work more flexibly.
Work start and finish times was one area that scored very highly – seven out of 10 want more flexibility.

Download the snapshot report to find out more about:

  • our latest research on the needs, wants and challenges of flexible working, from both sides of the employee and employer fence;
  • how the legal and technology sectors compare in this region;
  • the three things your organisation can do to use flexible working to gain a competitive advantage.

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Just how important is flexible working in this region?

would look for flexible working before joining a new company
would choose flexible working over a 5% pay rise
want flexible start and finish times

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